1. Automation: A marketing package is automatically created for each a Realtor's listings or any listing they may be representing. Once the listing hits InHouse the marketing materials are sent directly to you and the Realtor. Materials are sent out for New Listings, Open Houses, Price Changes, and Status Changes.

2. Coming Soon: Realtors can easily add "Coming Soon" listings. All they have to do is add pictures and listing details and all the materials are automatically created for them. They can start marketing the listing in Facebook groups and through the sellers, potentially drumming up offers prior to the listing hitting MLS. 

3. Listing Appointments: Just as Realtors can add coming soon listings, they can also prep marketing materials to set themselves apart at listing presentations. They can pull images from when the listing was previously on the market or take a few exterior pictures with their phone. If this isn't an option, they can bring an example from another listing they have represented. Realtors using InHouse have seen success showing the sellers that their home would have it's own website. 

4.  Customization: Not only are the marketing packages automatically created for all a Realtors listings but you both have the ability to make the following edits: 

  • Choose between unique color palettes
  • Easily drag and drop any of your MLS pictures
  • Edit listing descriptions
  • Add a custom banner
  • Add amenities that set the home apart
  • Add open house dates and times

5. Lead Generation: Realtors are able to generate and collect leads through property websites, all print materials, and sign riders. Leads are automatically sent to the Realtors and you receive a notification that the Realtor received a lead. The leads are also displayed on the Realtor's Leads page in the InHouse system.

The different lead sources work as follows:  

  • Property Websites: Property websites include "Schedule a Visit" and "Learn More" forms where people can ask for more information on the home. 
  • All Print Materials: Print materials include an automatically generated text code. When people text the code to the phone number they receive back a link to the property website and the Realtor receives the person's phone number. 
  • Sign Riders: Realtors are able to create custom sign rider text codes for any and all their listings. They can reassign and reuse text-codes and sign riders for any of their listings.

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