When getting started with InHouse a good first step is to look at the Realtors who you already have a relationship with.

Even before telling those Realtors about InHouse you have the ability to create a custom marketing package for that Realtor's listing and convey the value that the system offers. 

Step 1:

Select the Realtor who you are looking to connect with. You will then be able to choose between their active listings.

Step 2:

Once you select a listing you are able to access all the marketing materials that you are able to create before the Realtor has accepted your invite. You can choose materials specific to the stage of the listing, add financing information, and even make edits like customizing the colors of the materials.

Step 3: 

You can print flyers and bring them to their open house, send the property website by text, or have them ready for your next meeting.

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